Individual Sessions

One to one sessions are offered to clients seeking to deepen their abilities to access and express emotional information through exploring movement and metaphor to create lasting impressions that provide insight and awareness into conflict, grief, depression, and anxiety. Individual sessions are designed to meet clients where they are by addressing core issues that are limiting, disrupting, or blocking emotional wellness. We work together to develop goals that supplement transforming unwanted patterns into growth and mental stability. Clients have the choice of meeting in a private office setting, located at Yoga Soup, in nature, or through a video call.

Group Sessions

Groups services are provided to organizations that invite Dance Movement Therapy to broaden their scope of therapeutic interactions. Group sessions are suited to specific populations for whom they are offered and adapted to fit the needs of the participants. We form a circle to create the sacred container for the work and explore tools such as mirroring to generate somatic empathy, sharing feelings through movement to access unconscious material, and creating group rhythmic action to build community through active connection.

If you are interested in scheduling an individual session or adding DMT to your organization’s therapeutic toolkit, please fill out the form provided on the CONTACT page.