Reckless Duality

Briena Pearl is a singer/songwriter and lifelong student of voice, theatre, and dance from the Shenandoah River Valley in West Virginia. Passionate, strong, and expressive, Briena’s voice evokes the Spirit of Appalachia and the Soul of New Orleans with story-telling magic and often rebellious brazenness of Rock n’ Roll. She is also the former vocalist of Clutch side-project, Deep Swell.


Sam Guay is an artist focused on work that explores our inner, emotional worlds. Much of her childhood was spent alone in the woods or exploring the possibilities of dreams. She has drawn on these personal experiences to create a visual language of dark nature, hypnagogic patterns, and moody atmospheres.


Lou Eastman, 40-year veteran guitarist and songwriter, Lou has worked every angle of the music biz from sound reinforcement/recording to musician to management. However, his true love and talent is in writing, performing, and recording music. He maintains a broad palette of influences from Blues, Rock, Heavy Rock, and Progressive to Jazz, Funk, Punk, Ska, Reggae, and Folk. He is also the guitarist/songwriter in End of Never.


Jesse Shultzaberger, A dexterous drummer with a diverse musical palette, Jesse has appeared on over twenty studio albums and played with countless bands. In addition to an impressive recording and performance career, he has taught private drum lessons for over fifteen years and recently released his drum instruction book, “Foundations of Drumming: An Incremental Approach to the Drumset.”


Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis has played the bass for over 35 years, paradoxically anchoring or uprooting the groove at any given moment. Influenced mainly by Scott LaFaro, Paul Jackson and mentor, Rufus Philpot, Matthew has served as the rhythmic linchpin for numerous groups, including GRAMMY nominated singer, Carolyn Malachi.


Erik Burnham is a mandolinist and songwriter from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Erik has performed and recorded Appalachian inspired music for the past ten years. Founding member of Plank Stompers, a Progressive Americana ensemble who has been accredited with “Forging the future of Loudoun’s Bluegrass”.


Austin Litz is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, proficient on over 15 instruments. Austin has been a studio musician and performing artist for the past 15 years. Inspired harmonically by patterns, metaphor, and complexity, Austin is the heart and soul of the rising psychedelic funk rock group LITZ.


Noah Poncin is an 18 year old  singer/songwriter from Northern Virginia who has a deep passion for melody, harmony and lyrics. He is the lead vocalist in the up-and-coming band Hungry on Monday and is constantly working to better his knowledge of every angle of the business.