Rock Steady through the Heavy

It has taken a few months to muster up the courage and language to even attempt to write this. I know this isn’t going to come out with the depth and dignity it deserves. There are times when words are just too much, or not enough.

When I walked into M80 Recording Studio in June, I immediately felt like I was home. Peter and Oskar worked together like rock-and-roll-wizard-gods to create the most magical musical palace imaginable. We immediately hit it off when I redecorated their hallway with a sign that read, Fuck Yeah. “Fuck Yeah” became the catch phrase of the session. Peter had a suave way of extracting pure creative gold from each of us followed by his cool utterance of “Fuck Yeah.” He and Oskar made the perfect team. The two of them navigated the controls and guided the music in such a way that the only thing that was left to say was, “Fuck Yeah.”

I consider all of the musicians who contributed to this project family. Pete and Oskar effortlessly became part of that family. I left the studio shedding happy tears about the experience and the opportunity to work with such outstanding guys. Peter had dressed me head to toe in M80 Recording Studio gear and I was over the moon.

Two weeks later, I found myself sitting with my brothers at Peter’s funeral. There aren’t words for this. Nothing can be said to take away the pain that his family and friends are feeling and sometimes, words make it worse. I found myself filled with urges to reach out and say those redundant generic phrases that people say when a loved one dies. I grew more and more frustrated with myself and my inability to find the words to say as the summer rolled on.

I returned to M80 in July and finished Reckless Duality with Oskar and Peter’s mentees, the boys of Hungry on Monday. We rocked steady for Peter. Pete was a genius and I wish I had told him that when I had the chance. I’ll never pick up a guitar or plug in a microphone without thanking Pete for the impactful brilliance that he shared with me in June. Crossing paths with Peter was a fleeting gift. One that I will never take for granted.

Love Always Never;

Briena Pearl

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  1. There are so many trite words that are usually spoken at times like this…yours I could feel from your Heart….Peter will be with you forever, and his memory will live on in every one of your performances…RIP Peter

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