Summer Sixteen, I started jamming with Lou, Colin, Tom and Eliot. We found a spicy mixed up blend of groove. Rocking through grad school with these guys was a blast and I will always never cherish the weird that ensued.

Dig the music! Our 4-song demo. With Briena Pearl on vocals, Colin Cassady on drums, Eliot Pelletier on guitar, Tom Rutledge on bass, and Lou Eastman on guitar, End of Never is a surprisingly sharp, heavy, deceptively mellow, elusive, eclectic, and somewhat hairy mix of genres.


Briena Pearl is a singer/songwriter and lifelong student of voice, theatre, and dance from the Shenandoah River Valley in West Virginia.

Passionate, strong, and expressive, Briena’s voice evokes the Spirit of Appalachia and the Soul of New Orleans with story-telling magic and often rebellious brazenness of Rock n’ Roll.

Briena holds an MA from Antioch University New England in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling and pursues interests in drama therapy, yoga, transpersonal psychology, and trauma informed counseling. She is also the former vocalist of Clutch side-project, Deep Swell.


Party Diversity

Studying the psychology and neurochemistry of addiction helped crystalize what I had always known about myself. I have a disease that ends in death. I’ve spiraled down the rabbit hole enough times to know that I’m better off above ground reading a book with my cat. Addiction isn’t a taboo decision. We aren’t out here …


Briena Pearl
End of Never