Embodiment of Emotional Movement

Briena Pearl MA, R-DMT, is a psychotherapist offering counseling with a body centered approach focused on connecting mind, body, and spirit. Dance Movement Therapy (D/MT) is a modality of therapy utilizing movement as a therapeutic tool to process feelings and emotions. Clients are encouraged to experience, observe, and process behaviors and thoughts through body sensations, non-verbal communication, and body language. Dance Therapy uses the body to recharge, re-focus, and re-pattern the mind.

Briena embodies a transpersonal approach to therapy that treats the divisions of mind, body, and spirit as a whole system. Accessing spirit through song, dance, art, and drama, she supports the discovery of unconscious material so that it can be processed and held in a safe space to be released, restored, and rejuvenated into nourishment and balance.

Utilizing a variety of modalities to adapt to the needs of her clients, Briena incorporates dance/ movement, expressive arts, music and song, drama therapy, Gestalt therapy, psychoeducation, and psychodrama techniques. She is currently earning her accreditation as a registered Drama Therapist to further her knowledge of the imaginal realms and ritual theatre.

Briena has specialized in working with addictions and has dedicated most of her practice to support addiction recovery.  She is passionate about reaching beyond what is clinical, into the realms of creativity to discover and develop healthy habits for the daily maintenance of wellness.

Certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, Briena is a registered Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Her dedication to daily yogic practices and lifestyle has deeply influenced her therapeutic orientation and ability to develop attainable and sustainable goals, helping clients make and maintain positive changes.